You can breakthrough your limitations,yes you can

Limitations, all humans experience this,

Do you feel stuck in an area of your life, not knowing what to do with your life?
There are places you want to go, dreams you would love to come true, but your present state prevents you from reaching your life goals.

Maybe your state of mind, present job, relationships, or just life is coming in between you and your life goals, your true desires, and you are not happy about it, you want a change, you want to achieve these your goals by all means necessary. Is this your stand in life right now?

First of all, I would like to let you know that you are not alone in this transition of life’s journey, almost every human being experience this feelings at times, it is normal, so don’t be scared or sad that your life may never change, that you may never achieve your life goals, you can, yes you, you can do anything you set your mind to, but you just have to take a leap of faith.
But before jumping into the solutions that will help you break your limitations, lets first off look at the limitations holding us back.

What are limitations?

Limitations are things that prevents you from doing what you want to do
You will be facing same problems, making same decisions repeatedly even if you are not cool with it, but you can’t do anything about it because you don’t have a choice.

YOU DO HAVE A CHOICE, you just have to change your perspective view, change how you see things, reality doesn’t matter, what matters is how you see it, so being able to control how you look at things is a vital role to your breakthrough.

How to breakthrough those limitations

• Play down your negativity

When you are faced with a setbacks or challenges, try to overlook the negativities that comes it, try and view the problem differently, try and find an opportunity within that obstacle you are facing, there is always a two side of a coin, train your mind to play down your negativity, don’t give up.

In order to find these opportunities, you must know your limitation that is the obstacle you are facing, what it stops you from doing, and you must know the turning point of that limitation that is the key obstacle that you have to overcome.

• Setting out a plan

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. Time and Energy management

Time is an essential part of our life, when lost, it cannot be retrieved, so you must make use of your time effectively, and to achieve this, you must get rid of all distractions, you must have focus, focus is the key.

Maximize your priorities, do things to matters more first, if possible schedule all your plans and allocate time for them, and learn how to use the power of deadline.

One can’t concentrate on his work, or give his work enough time without the right amount of energy, and to have energy, you must be healthy, to be healthy, you must feed yourself, don’t over stress your brain too much to accumulate some certain information, make use of apps, note, recorder, etc….

Now that you have played down your negativity, managed your time and energy properly, the next step involved in your breakthrough is sustaining the new you.

• Motivation and habit

Motivation is a form of strength to do things more, motivation can be derived from continuous progress in what you are doing. So when your plan is working out the way you want bit by bit, you feel motivated, that’s a good sign, and you have to use that motivation to push forward. But in the case whereby you are not moving forward like you are meant to, don’t give up, you can derive your motivation by meeting up with people who has encountered the same or similar problem of yours. You can also find it in self development books by visiting Amazon, or reading up articles about self development in websites.

Habit is a daily usual things that you do that you often get use to, it can either be a good one or a bad one, so you have to avoid bad habits like wasting your time on irrelevant things, or being lazy, and embrace the good ones, those habits that will contribute to your breakthrough. Don’t give up, continue to push, trust me you will face a lot of new challenges on the way, believe in yourself, you are a bad ass; you are in charge of your life, face those challenges head on.

So what are you waiting for?
Take that step and goodluck.

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