What can YOU do?

Nigeria is a blessed nation; blessed with an enormous population of very vibrant and intelligent young people; blessed with abundant land mass; blessed with a great weather; blessed with sunlight and rainfall; blessed with abundant mineral resources.

Yes, we are blessed by the Universe….But…

Do we really realize and appreciate these blessings? 

 Or are we so caught up in complaining about the things we do not have, the things we are not YET…that we forget that Gratitude opens a floodgate for further blessings and advancements.

I agree that our road infrastructures should have been better than it is now;

I know that by now, we should have 24 hr power supply ; I know…I know

I agree with you, it is the government’s fault that we are as a matter of a fact regressing as a nation.

I agree with you that all our politicians know is themselves and their pockets; I agree with you that everyone is to blame but ourselves….after all, we are the victim.

But just for one minute, ask yourself personally;

What have I done for my country?

What else apart from my incessant ranting have I contributed to the advancement my country?

What have I built that would really make my country great regardless of the fact that I might not even be acknowledged? 

The truth is, we are the cause of our problems. Not the Government. Not the politicians. Not the Whites.

We are!!!

To move our country forward, first and foremost, we should realize we are the problem. 

Each and everyone of us !!!

We are the problem when;

We refuse blatantly to continue our education as soon as we are done with our schooling!

We are the problem when we have this mindset that for some reason, White people are better or smarter than we are…so they should be the ones Inventing, Innovating and Producing, we would just be comfortable with being “Agents” , “Dealer” and “Distributor”.

We are the problem when we produce and market stuffs that we ourselves cannot let our family members make use of, all in the name of making fast money.

We are the problem when we have a mindset that “Made in China”, “Made in America”, “Made in Italy” must be better than “Made in Nigeria”.

We are the problem. Our mindset has always been the deterring us from Progressing…from really contributing.

An American President once made a very important speech which he concluded with “Ask not What America can do for you but ask what you can do for America?”

So I dare you to always ask yourself

“What can I do for Nigeria without seeking acknowledgement for myself personally?”

Ooh! I know it won’t be easy; Nothing good ever comes easy.

We have to really take charge of our destinies and stop seeing ourselves as underdogs.

The transformation we seek won’t happen overnight.

But if we live for others and not ourselves alone….It is possible.

With Love


Victor Obi

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  1. Victor

    Nice one

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