The Advice Your 60 year old self would give you today.

A life changing advice…

CHANGE the only thing that is constant.

Always remember that you won’t be “young” forever

A life changing advice, 25 years from today,

You would laugh at some of the frivolous things that worry us to death today.

You would be so ashamed and laugh our asses off as a result of stumbling on that DOPE pictures You take today.

That beautiful dress, Shoe, Bags , Ear Rings , Shirt etc that is the envy of every of your friends Would be OLD SCHOOL.

Your CHILDREN would be totally embarrassed by that breath taking 142 inch modular TV that is the center piece of attraction in our sitting room today.
(They might even find somewhere to hide the humongous monster whenever their friends decides paying a visit)

That wonderful HOUSE that you’ve erected today would need SERIOUS RENOVATION.

That iphone x plus would be used by Grand mothers and Grand Fathers in the village. (Just the way Nokia torch is now)

Well as for those wonderful CARS of today. You’ll just have to HIDE them!!! Your Children wouldn’t even touch it!!!

That Beautiful Slay queen or Slay King would be so old that we would not even bother liking their pictures on social media’s(or another media, who knows?) Any more.

Everything we brag and Fight for would be ANCIENT.

What I’m trying to tell you here is that;

Don’t get so DRIVEN by the quest for material Acquisition.

Just DON’T!

Everything we see today would need a total REVAMP 25 years to come.

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Our KIDS would always..always remind us of how old we’ve gotten

There are thing that wouldn’t change though; things that are the building block of great living; such things as:

  • HARDWORK (both with brain and our physical strength).
  • The Saving Habit
  • Investing Habits (Real Investing; Stocks, bonds, Real Estate, Business etc)
  • Learning Habit.

These values and many many more human virtues are things I think wouldn’t Change, so far as we are on this earth, they are constant!

So my friend, REDIRECT your perspectives

Then you can smile through out your old age

Always have POSTERITY in mind when you are;

  • Spending
  • Planning
  • Eating
  • Talking
  • Investing (both time and money)

Everything !!!

Form the Habit of asking yourself;

Would this thing I am about to do or that I am doing right now matter in the next 5 years?

Of course we should always have FUN. But let us leave it at that, Just FUN. Nothing more Nothing Less, follow this advice.

Always remember that the best time you really need money is when you get older. That’s when it becomes not just about you but your children’s well being and future.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “The Advice Your 60 year old self would give you today.

  1. Obi onyeka

    I learnt a lot from this

    1. obivictor

      Thank you for reading.

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