Do you usually tell people how hard it is to do certain things just because you have done it yourself?

This is Me standing at attention in front of 2000+ Corp members. Mehn! Was I nervous??

Always down play YOUR NEGATIVES

Some years ago when I was in SS3 preparing to write my WAEC…..

I was a science student then…I was good with biology…but physics and chemistry was a no no…I was just dabbling.

Exactly 3 months to the Day the exam would be starting, I was seating on the dining table, looking at the Monstrous Chemistry and Physics textbook that was in front of me wondering how in the hell would someone be able to finish and remember all that was in there. Clearly, I was frustrated.

But then I remembered that I had a big cousin who was one of the reasons I went into science in the first place; he was really good.

So, I called him and the conversation went this way;

After greetings and all

Me : “Nna a brother…..this physics and chemistry textbook big o…person ever fit finish this thing remember wetin im read at all?”

My Big cousin: “see what you asking… something I read 2 times and smashed”.

I was motivated. The road blocks I had in mind dissipated as soon as I heard he did it.

Me being the proud guy that I am promised myself that I’ll read them more than 3 times each…since he just read them two times.

Well, ladies and gentlemen; guess what, I did read those MONSTROUS textbooks thrice or more I think and I did really smash the exam I was preparing for.

He later told me that he read the texts only once…and that he didn’t even finish all it’s chapters

The lesson I learnt there is that;

When you have been or done a certain thing, do not be the type that always tells the people that comes after you how impossible or hard it is to do or be something.

Always down play the impossiblities….who knows

God has been waiting for that someone who is naive and ignorant enough to know that that something he or she is about doing is impractical or impossible.

Let them try…You never know…it might just be their destiny.

So when next you do something you feel is hard and a younger brother or a subordinate asks you

“Sir, is it possible to do this or is it hard?”

Just reply with a smile

Oh no! It is a cup of cake. It was as easy as soup for me(even though it wasn’t)…..Just Do(Try) it… Just put in the work”

Do not be the prophet of doom! It’s not worth it. We cannot have progress with a mindset like that.

A Friend told me something that I can never ever forget..

He said, “Vik, So far as a man has been able to leave this sky we are looking up to right now, and land on the moon… Nothing is impossible in this life…. Absolutely nothing “

So, my friends, Let us do well to heed to the words of John Andrew Holmes, who asserted “Never tell a young person that something cannot be done. God may have been waiting centuries for somebody ignorant enough of the impossible to do that thing”

Victor Obi

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    Nice piece!

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