Be Careful HOW you help.

Have you heard the story of the farmer who could understand the language of animals ?

The Ass, the farmer and the Ox.

This farmer who could understand what the animals said to each other, did linger in the farm yard each evening just to listen to their words.

One evening he heard the Ox Complaining to the ass the hardness of his lot:

“I do labor pulling the plow from morning until night. No matter how hot the day, or how tired my legs or how the bow is chaffed to my neck, still must I work. But you are a creature of leisure. You are trapped with a colorful blanket and do nothing more than carry our master about where he wishes to go. When he goes nowhere, you rest and eat the green grass all day. “

Now the ass in spite of his vicious heels, was a goodly fellow and he sympathized with the Ox.

“My good friend, ” he replied, “you do work very hard and I would help ease your lot. Therefore, I will tell you how you may have a day of rest.

In the morning when the slave comes to fetch you to the plow, lie on the ground and Bellow in such a way that he may say you are sick and cannot work”

So the Ox took the advice of the ass and the next morning the slave returned to the farmer and told him the Ox was sick and could not pull the plow.

“Then, ” said the farmer, “hitch the Ass to the plow for the plowing must go on. “

All day the Ass, who had only intended to help his friend found himself compelled to do the Ox’s task.

When the night came and he released from the plow his heart was bitter and his legs were weary and his neck was sore where the bow had chafed it.

Once again, the farmer lingered in the barnyard to listen

The Ox began first. “You are a good friend. Because of your wise advice, I have enjoyed a day of rest”

“And I, ” retorted the Ass, “am like many other simple hearted ones who starts to help a friend and ends up doing his task for him. From henceforth, you draw your own plow, for I did hear the master tell the slave to send for one butcher were you sick again. I wish he would, for you are a lazy fellow. “

Thereafter, they spoke to each other no more – this ended their friendship.


“If you desire to help your friend, do so in a way that you will not bring your friend’s burdens upon yourself “

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