Are you facing a challenge right now? read this

Life challenges

Are you facing a challenge right now that seems unsurmountable?

The first thing you should do is to have the right mindset i.e. a mindset that BELIEVES that THERE IS A SOLUTION and that it is NOBODY’S fault that you are in that situation.

Remembering that, nothing happens to us, everything happens through us. We are the masters of our fate in this life.

When you have a mindset like that, it makes you to become objective. To look at your problems and challenges OBJECTIVELY.

 Then ask your self three basic questions.

First question is:

What do I do about this challenge?

Every challenge we are facing right now is a challenge we can do something about….no matter how little.

let’s say you have a money problem?

Asking what you can do, helps you become proactive and puts your mind to work to brainstorm solutions that you can apply.

The second question is;

What can I read, listen to or watch?

Every kind of challenge we face right now, someone somewhere has faced a similar problem, solved it and has written or talked about it.

The thing is…..Are we really looking for solutions or are we looking for WHO TO BLAME?

Everything’s got a solution, you just have to look for it.

The third question is;

Who can I ask?

Don’t be ashamed to ask for help

It is only after you’ve researched for yourself by yourself that you can be informed enough to seek HELP/ADVISE from someone WHO HAS BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT.

When you meet this person, you say;

I have this problem, I have DONE this, I have READ this book or that blog post, I have listened to this or that podcast; I have watched this or that video and these are the things I have gathered so far. From your experience, how best can I really approach this?

Now this person would know you are a serious person who is serious about solving his or her problem and must certainly contribute.

Like JESUS said;

SEEK and you shall find

And most importantly, have FAITH, you can breakthrough.

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